vini e vigneti in Marzeno – Romagna


The farm is located in Marzeno, in the hills just outside the city of Faenza, only a few kilometers from Brisighella and Modigliana, in one of the most interesting wine growing areas of Romagna.

Founded in 1967, the company has always had a strong viticulture mark, facilitated by its microclimate; from predominantly limestone and clay soil, the altitude ranging from 120 – 240 meters above sea level, which has always, as far back as anyone can remember, guaranteed absolute grape value.

or more than 40 years, with 52 hectares of land, the Montanari family has been dedicated primarily to the cultivation of vines, on a parcel of approximately 28 ha. The rest being devoted to apricot orchards.
Since 2000, step by step the company has been revitalising its vineyards. We began with the older vines which were suffering and now have gradually been transformed into modern plants with 5,000 vines per hectare and with the use of multiple clones, we have invested in the most representative grape variety of this area, the Sangiovese.

In 2006, the company underwent further changes, and decided to try to exploit the great wine producing potential of these lands into 5 bottles of wine.
So today, after years of research, study and analysis, we have decided to focus on the best vineyards of Ca ‘di Sopra, to obtain a small production which is high in quality.

The vineyards of Ca’ di Sopra extend over the hills surrounding the Marzeno valley stream, with a unique chemical-physical soil composition, altitude, location and exposure.
This mix of variables makes it possible to produce grapes with distinctive features that allow us to produce wines rich in character and personality.
The vineyards are divided into two farms a few miles from each other: the estate of Ca’ di Sopra, the historical component of the company, and the estate of Ca’ del Rosso.
The farmland is just over 50 hectares, of which 28 are used for vine cultivation. There are both local grape varieties (Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano) and those considered international (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay)